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Friends Forever, I Hope

Today was fun fun fun! Not so much doing things, in fact, not at all..but a lot of eating! lolol
A month back, Pei Li went for an operation. Made a trip to the hospital with mom and Rebecca, but she was still under observation in the ICU. Fast forward a month, I'm back from KL!!! Got together …

Snacks from Japan

Almost a week of being cooped up at home, today I finally got to break freeeee! Thanks to Yenshanshan for making a trip to JB haha Phew! I almost gone mad!
Only 15 minutes before I left the house did she inform me that her friend was coming along too. What a surprise! So I planned to treat the bot…

Joe's Birthday Card

Joey's birthday was a bit over a month ago. I delayed writing about it because I mailed him a surprise package and if I were to blog about it before it reaches him, that would've defeated the purpose of my surprise package, no?

So the package never arrived. According to the tracking record…

Kat turns 21

Katerina's birthday week isn't over yet, so I'm still on time to wish her a Very Happy 21st Birthday!!! XD
Last Tuesday, Gup asked me if I wanted to accompany her to Tedboy Bakery while she downloaded the final episode of Game of Thrones. I spent my time there revising Statistics lol W…
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